Divine Drop of Nature

To nurture, care, and preserve our Indian Ayurveda and help moderate to chronic patients recover from their medical conditions

- Who We are -

Niche Therapy Center is a multi-state medical cannabis therapeutic center for medical patients and adult-use customers. We offer a wide range of products and consultations with a warm ambiance. Our team of ayurvedic and allopathic doctors ensures quality treatment for patients who have mild to severe health issues


Visit our center and consult with professional doctors for advice and assistance


We perform tests to analyze results to understand the severity of the patient’s medical condition


Our doctors prescribe dosage and use of natural Niche Hemp Co. medication, as per requirements.


Follow prescribed medication and diet to experience the natural healing process.

" People suffering from Pain, Anxiety, Arthritis, Epilepsy, Joint Pain, Migraines, and Cancer can visit our Center for a divine healing experience "

Promotes relaxation

CBD stabilizes mood controlling serotonin hormone in our body and make us feel relax.

Removes headache

Inflammatory agents cause headache and CBD is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent.

Fights insomnia

CBD lowers the cortisol hormones, which causes anxiety and sleeplessness (Insomnia).

Increases appetite

Use of CBD reduces symptoms of stomach upset and help in increase of appetite.

Relieves Cronic pain

CBD impacts Endocannabinoids System (ECS) which controls various functions including pain in our body.

Improves mood

CBD helps to raise the level of anandamide in body which controls mood. Raise of anandamide causes good mood.

What does Niche Therapy Center do?

Niche Therapy Center offers consultation, treatment, and medication for the wellbeing of people surfing from mild to chronic medical conditions.

What type of medication does Niche Therapy Center use?

Niche Therapy Center focuses on healing the mind, body, and soul with the use of organic medical cannabis extracts. We use Niche Hemp Co. products for treating mild to chronic medical conditions. Niche Therapy Center also has a physiotherapist, dietitian, and veterinarian for consultation and treatment.

Can I buy Niche Hemp Co. products from Niche Therapy Center?

Yes, you can purchase Niche Hemp co. organic products or medical use. If you are facing medical conditions like migraine, joint pain, arthritis, insomnia, epilepsy, or have a doctor’s prescription, then you can visit Niche Therapy center

Can I take my pet to the Niche Therapy center?

Yes, you can bring your pet to Niche Therapy Center. We have a pet grooming facility at our center to cater medical as-well-as personal care. Our veterinary doctors are experienced and understand the needs of your fuzzball.

Does the Niche Therapy center use organic products?

Yes, Niche Therapy Center only uses organic herbal medicines to cure mild to chronic medical conditions. We use Niche Hemp co. products that are FSSAI approved and 100% organic.

Are doctors at Niche Therapy Center Certified?

Yes, Niche Therapy Center has well-trained and qualified doctors who have experience in treating chronic medical conditions. We also ensure proper consultancy, treatment, and medication for conditions like arthritis, migraine, epilepsy, insomnia, cancer, and others.

Does the Niche Therapy center also have physiotherapy?

Yes, Niche Therapy Center offers physiotherapy treatment. Visit our center and fix your appointment with the doctor. After the doctor’s consultation, your physiotherapy treatment will start if required.


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