All You Need to Know about Medical Cannabis & How It Can reduce Epilepsy Symptoms

The mysterious Himalayan Holy “Cannabis” plant has hidden properties that humankind is trying to unveil for ages. The cannabis plant has been around for centuries, and there are well-documented pieces of evidence that humans have been using it to produce a variety of products like paper, clothes, and food.

Besides the diverse use of the cannabis plant, it is also suitable for medical treatment. The recent scientific research and in-depth analyses of scientists have highlighted the medical use of cannabis. Cannabis has been degraded at times for its “Getting you high” phenomena; still, it requires more intensive research to showcase its healthy aspect.

Indian culture embraces the cannabis plant as a divine source of energy and consumed during festive seasons like Holi. But, factually cannabis is comprised of 100+ strains having their unique properties.

For now, we know that both THC and CBD are extracted from the group of cannabinoids. They bind to the receptors present in our body and are effective against pain related to multiple sclerosis, HIV, and Cancer.

THC is responsible for that high in the cannabis plant as it interacts with brain receptors. On the other hand, CBD is responsible for rejuvenating the muscles and helps in recovering from different medical conditions.

Medical use of cannabis mainly focuses on CBD Oil. Many people suffering from epilepsy claims medical cannabis stops their seizures. However, there is limited scientific backing for medical cannabis, and scientists are researching to decode cannabis’s medical use.

Exactly how medical cannabis works in epilepsy is not fully understood, but there are a few initial studies that reveal the results of using medical cannabis. Epilepsy patients, who use medical cannabis, tell that cannabis medication is very effective for seizure control and epilepsy. They also claim to have an improvement in mood disorders.

CBD strains not only bind to pain receptors, but also impact other signaling neurons within our body. This results in anti-inflammatory properties. How CBD is effective in epilepsy is not clear. Still, initial studies published by mice have highlighted mixed results.

Some outcomes suggest CBD be effective against seizures while others do not certify such claims. It can be a result of how the dosage was given to the patient, as various factors like age, weight, and severity of patent have to be undermined while deciding the dosage. 

The idea of using medical cannabis to treat epilepsy is gaining traction. Further down the road researchers are looking into solving the problem of strength and dosage to certify CBD oil to be effective on epilepsy.  Moreover, the potency of CBD extract varies from plant to plant.

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