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An Insight to Medical Cannabis and Chronic Pain

People suffering from chronic pain experience a life full of setbacks, it becomes challenging to perform day-to-day tasks and leads to reduced confidence.

Medical cannabis has emerged as a substitute for chronic pain management. Seemingly the use of medical cannabis has raised two folds, as the stigma surrounding cannabis is losing its grip around the world. Many Medical cannabis users have claimed that it helps them restrain chronic pain.

Researchers are looking for substantial evidence to certify the use of medical cannabis. For now, out of 100+ known strains, researchers have partially dissected two strains (THC) & (CBD).  While indicia (type of cannabis plant) strains affect pain management, sedation, and sleep, Sativa (Different species of the cannabis plant) strain is effective in improving energy and mood.

Previous studies on the use of medical cannabis for relieving chronic pain have statistically depicted that medical cannabis has helped patients in spasticity, joint pain, migraine headaches, and neuropathy. Still, it is important to consider the fact that these researches have various limitations like small scale sampling, anonymous subjects, and self-reporting.

The research was not conducted in a controlled environment, and it can result in an under or over-dose of medical cannabis. More detailed scientific research is essential to certify claims made by medical cannabis users. Interestingly, the current view for cannabis has changed and is termed for legal use in many countries.

Recent scientific research has reconstructed the same experiment to overlook the effects of medical cannabis on chronic pain. This time researchers ensured a suitable and controlled environment for better analyses. It was ensured none of the patients smoked the cannabis, instead, medical cannabis was given to patients in the form of CBD Oil.

Cannabis pre-rolls are mainly flowers of the cannabis plant, on the other hand, CBD Oil consists of extracts of the entire plant. This makes it more potent and consists of additional chemical properties. The use of CBD Oil had major positive results as around 67% of selected patients reported relief in their chronic pain.

A similar study conducted on cancer patients showed a positive response from patients. The use of CBD Oil helped cancer patients by reducing the pain they had to bear after Chemotherapy. With this breakthrough, CBD Oil became a divine hope for people surfing from chronic pain, migraine, anxiety, depression.

But the scientific community still poses concerns regarding the latest updates and looks forward to expanding the magnitude of medical cannabis research. It is not assured if cannabis affects the pain receptors for different diseases and is a matter of concern for doctors.

The medical industry is eventually progressing in the research of medical cannabis and soon it can emerge as an ultimate natural healer.  Niche Therapy Centre is focusing on providing organic medication for people suffering from mild to chronic medical situations.

It offers a natural environment and doctor’s consultation for medical problems like chronic pain, anxiety, depression, arthritis, epilepsy, and insomnia.

 If you wish to switch to medical cannabis, you can visit Niche Therapy Center for consulting doctor. After consultation, doctors can prescribe you Niche Hemp Co. products as per the severity of the medical condition.

Cannabis-based medication is natural and does not pose side effects. It is simply a divine drop of natures that God himself created. Future research and medical advancement can unveil the healing properties that medical cannabis has.

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